How to Hire a Writer for Your Therapy Website

When you know it’s important to have a private practice website but you feel you don’t have the time or skill to write it yourself, you can hire a copywriter to help you. But how can you know which freelance writer or copywriting agency is the right one for you?

If you’re shopping for a therapy website writer, here’s a three-step process that will help you narrow down your options.

First, Trust Your Gut: Does It Feel Like a Good Fit?

We all know that clients need a “good fit” with their therapists in order to keep coming to therapy. Part of that “fit” lies in the specific services a therapist provides, but it has to do with personality and intuition.

You need the same kind of fit when you’re hiring a writer for your website. Not every writer or agency will meet your needs, so you’ll have to rely on each provider’s website to give you a sense of fit. Remember, the text on that website is a clear example of the overall style and approach of this writer or agency. Notice how you feel as you look over the site: Intrigued? Trusting? Confused? Pressured? Imagine this writer’s work on your own site—how would it make potential clients feel?

It’s worth noting that an agency will have a team of writers, and you might be assigned one or may have the option to switch writers if needed. However, there’s a good chance that the official copywriting “voice” of the agency won’t vary by team member.

In some cases, an individual freelance writer may be able to provide the kind of one-on-one attention that you can’t get from an agency. (Hint: A higher price point for website packages may indicate individualized attention and great customer service—but be sure to ask about this up front. An agency’s customer service rep should be knowledgeable about these details and happy to talk with you about them.) 

Second Round: Will You Get the Services You Need?

Now that you’ve gotten an intuitive hit about a particular writer or agency, take note of the logistical details. Are they easy to contact? Does their site lay out all the information you want about the process, perhaps in a FAQ or a services page? If it turns out that you’re not happy with the writing they've provided for you, do they offer revisions? (It’s good practice to offer at least one set of revisions without an extra charge.)

Most important, are they experienced with the kind of copy you need for your therapist website? The work you do for clients is much different from other types of service businesses. You’ll want a writer with a therapy background who fully understands how to write effective copy for therapy sites. (There are several options out there, including some who do just copywriting and others who offer full website packages including design, SEO tracking, and other tech aspects.) 

Now, Trust Your Gut (Yes, Again): Making a Final Decision

Intuition should be the first and last approach to choosing a copywriter for your therapy website. It’s easy to talk yourself into settling for “probably good enough” because you want to choose quickly and get started, or because someone else has recommended a particular provider. (If it’s a recommendation from a therapy colleague, take a good look at their website. Do you love what you see? If not, say thanks and keep looking.)

Your gut knows what you need. Start from there, evaluate the details, and then circle back to intuition for the final word.

Keep in mind that freelance writers and copywriting agencies are wooing you, the potential customer, with the words on their site. Does the text on their website resonate with you? If not, you aren’t their ideal customer—and they’re not the provider for you. When you encounter the best writer for your website, you’ll know.

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