The Fresh Start ($585)

When to choose this option:  You've got a brand-new website set up, but no content—you need someone to craft web copy that accurately describes your services in your own therapeutic voice. Or, your new site came with generic text that says a lot about therapy in general but nothing at all about what makes you different from other providers.

What you'll get:  Fresh text for your Welcome page, About page, and Services page that’s compelling for your ideal client. The new content will be based on your goals for the website and your natural speaking style. If you need more than these three basic pages, specialty pages are available as an add-on for $75 per page.

How it works:  We'll start with a brief Skype or phone chat at no charge to determine if we're a good fit. Then, you'll be able to choose which process you prefer for capturing your therapeutic "voice": responding in writing to a detailed questionnaire (no extra charge), or a 30-minute phone interview that I will record and transcribe as raw material for your website text ($45 add-on). Then, I'll send you separate Word documents for your Welcome, About, and Services pages containing content that accurately reflects you and your practice. If the voice isn't quite right on the initial draft, you'll be able to request up to 2 revisions at no additional charge.

Payment terms: $250 deposit to begin work; I'll invoice you for the remainder upon submitting all completed drafts.

When to choose this option:  Your website already has all the text it needs, and you want a professional eye to check for any errors or typos that you may have overlooked.

What you'll get: Proofreading of up to 7 pages on your website. That means I'll correct any grammar and spelling mistakes and make sure that any recurring terms, such as your business name or credentials, are used consistently. (For proofreading of blog posts, scroll down to Editing: Per Piece or Retainer.)

How it works: You send me your site URL. For any pages with errors or inconsistencies, I'll paste your existing text into a Word document and use the Track Changes feature to suggest corrections.

If you have more than 7 pages on your website, I'll give you a custom quote. (Proofreading does not include substantial editing/rewriting; scroll down to view the Reframe package.)

Payment terms: Full fee to reserve your package within an agreed timespan.

The Once-Over ($75)

When to choose this option:  You've got all the usual stuff set up on your site—the About page, description of services, specialty pages—but it doesn't quite capture your personality. Or, you've got the personality thing down, but you're not sure if what you've written will appeal to your ideal client. Or, you feel like there might be too much text on your site, and it's diluting your message.

What you'll get:  A rewrite of your Welcome page (homepage), About page, and Services page so that they effectively convey your therapeutic self to attract the right clients. I'll reframe what you have so that it's concise and persuasive, but not pushy. Rewrites of additional pages, such as specialty services, are available as an add-on for $75 per page. (This package does not include rewriting blog posts.)

How it works: You'll provide your site URL and share your concerns about what's not working right now. After a brief Skype or phone chat so that I can capture your therapeutic "voice" accurately, I'll provide Word documents containing updated text that more accurately reflects you and your practice. If the voice isn't quite right on the initial rewrite, you'll be able to request up to 2 revisions at no additional charge.

Payment terms: $250 deposit to begin work; I'll invoice you for the remainder upon submitting the completed rewrites.

The Reframe ($525)

When to choose this option:  You know that having a blog on your site would attract more of your ideal clients, and you just don't have the time and energy to do it yourself. Or, you have great ideas for a blog, but you're aware that writing isn't your strength.

What you'll get: A unique 500-word blog article emailed to you every week, ready to post to your website under your byline. This package provides you with weekly ghostwritten content customized for your audience (and not available anywhere else on the Internet). This type of informative content helps to build your online reputation as an expert in your field.

How it works: We'll start with a 30-minute Skype or phone call (no extra charge) so that I can learn more about the intent of your blog and who you want to reach, in addition to capturing your natural "voice." I'll also ask about other bloggers whose style or format you like, so that I can provide exactly the kind of blog posts you're looking for. If you have ideas about potential blog articles, you'll pass them on to me. Otherwise, I'll come up with a list of 10 article topics to get us started, with compelling headlines for each one. After you've approved the list, I'll begin sending you a weekly Word document containing a completed, ready-to-post blog article for you to copy and paste into your site. This package includes one revision per article, if needed.

Payment terms: The monthly fee, due in full by the 21st of each month, secures your place in the following month's blog queue.

➤  If weekly posts aren't in your budget, ask me about a biweekly or monthly blog option.

The Ghostwriter ($440/month)


Editing: Per Piece or Retainer

Do you need an editor for the therapy blog posts or promotional articles that you write? A light edit of your blog post or article includes cleaning up minor errors in grammar, spelling, and punctuation. I may also suggest adding more white space for readability or an adjustment in your headline for better SEO.

I offer these editing options for therapists, with a custom rate based on your needs:

  • Pay per piece. This option makes sense if you are blogging monthly or biweekly (or just once in a blue moon), or if you occasionally write articles for venues like LinkedIn or Psychology Today to market your private practice. You'll email me with a final draft whenever you complete one; I'll put it into my queue and let you know how soon the edited document will be returned. This option is invoiced one job at a time, and you can send materials at your own pace whenever you're able to get the writing done. Rates are 4-6 cents per word.
  • Monthly retainer. Do you write your own articles or blog posts at a rate of 5-8 per month or more, but need an eagle eye to catch errors? Get light editing on demand for an unlimited number of short pieces for a monthly fee. This option guarantees a 48-hour turnaround because your incoming work will always jump to the front of the line. Invoicing happens on the 21st for the upcoming month. The retainer is month-to-month (not auto-debited), and retainer payments are nonrefundable. The retainer fee is customized to your needs, so please email me for a quote. If you have questions about whether this is the right editing option for you, just ask—I won't steer you wrong.

Not sure which service is right for you?


Send me an email about the challenges you're facing with your website, and I'll recommend a package for you or develop a customized plan at no charge.