Does your therapy website let you shine through?

As a therapist, you understand that it takes a big leap of faith for prospective clients to reach out to you. They're feeling vulnerable and hoping someone out there is the perfect fit for their needs. An effective therapist website has to show potential clients immediately that you're the right person to trust with their struggles.

Great copywriting speaks directly to your ideal client and builds immediate trust — the first moment of a lasting relationship.

I'll bring the same warmth and insight to your therapy website that you bring to the therapeutic relationship.

Prospective clients come to your website with a desperate hope that you'll have what they need. When your website content vividly conveys what you do, your just-right client can reach out to you with confidence.

That's why I believe therapists should never rely on a one-size-fits-all prefabricated website or pay for a "library" of generic web content. To attract more clients who are the perfect fit for your private practice, it's essential for every word on your website to convey your unique therapeutic presence.

When your website authentically reflects who you are, the right clients will reach out to you.

The therapeutic relationship doesn't begin with the first office visit, or the first phone call.

It starts with your website. Why? Because your website is an extension of your values and your personality. It gives clients a glimpse into how they'll feel when they work with you in person.

You want to attract your ideal clients by being genuine, not pushy. But you’ve struggled with writing text for your website that feels both effective and ethical.

I get it. The typical “finding their pain points” approach to marketing is just not appropriate when it comes to therapy services. I know this because I’ve been in both seats in the therapy office, as a counselor and as a client. And only someone with a counseling background will understand that a manipulative approach to marketing will repel clients, not attract them.

That's because therapy clients don't want to be manipulated or persuaded. They're already in pain, and they just want to know whether you can make them feel safe, supported, and hopeful.

The best therapist websites are the ones that put prospective clients at ease and empower them to decide what to do next—trusting that they will get in touch when your services are a good fit.

This is the ethical approach to content writing for a therapy website.

And there’s a secondary benefit of doing it this way: distinguishing yourself from your competitors. Most therapist websites are either too generic and vague, with no sense of the person behind the practice, or too reliant on the kind of “buy now” tactics that actually scare away potential clients.

Unfortunately, as you may have already discovered in your search for a content writer, the same problem applies to most of the freelancers or writing agencies out there. Either they’re unwilling to tailor content to your ideal client, or they are unable to understand that your therapy practice has specialized needs when it comes to content creation.

Therapists often feel uncomfortable about “selling themselves” on their websites. Here’s the good news: when it’s written well, your website copy doesn’t have to “sell” you at all. Instead, it offers gentle and informative guidance to potential clients who are a good fit for what you do. It's designed to gain trust so that clients will make the leap of faith to contact you by email or phone. A good therapist website extends a friendly invitation to connect, but allows the client to be in charge of what happens next—without fear tactics or hype.

You offer a unique set of skills and training, with your values and personality deeply influencing how you work with clients.

You want a website that radiates your authentic therapeutic self like a beacon, so that the ideal clients you're seeking are the ones who contact you.

Maybe it's time to stop struggling with website content on your own.

As a writer for hire, I offer a collaborative content creation process. Unlike many “create your therapist website” package agencies, my ghostwriting and editing processes are highly customized to your needs, not mine. That's why you won't see the word "onboarding" anywhere on this website.

My approach to freelance writing is high-touch and relationship-based, and you'll always know exactly what to expect.

I'm Tracy Hart, a freelance writer and editor based in Greensboro, North Carolina. Since 2009, I have provided ghostwriting, editing, and proofreading services for business professionals and therapists in private practice in the United States, Canada, and the UK. Because I'm a counselor myself, I specialize in working with therapists and counselors to craft website content that conveys their unique therapeutic voice.

Am I the best fit for your writing needs?

I am really impressed and pleased with Tracy. I hired her to write content for my website and she has exceeded my expectations. I provided her with a subject and a few bullet points, and she wrote an article that was not only easy to read but actually educational. And not just to my website’s visitors, but also to me.
— Gideon Killion, Lifecraft Counseling


For more than 10 years, I've been providing clinical counseling services to adults, children, and families as a master's-level art therapist and counselor in community agencies. During that time, I've also maintained a freelance writing business supporting a variety of small business owners. These days, while continuing my counseling work full time, I’ve focused my freelance offerings to write almost exclusively for therapists in private practice.


In a former life, I was an English major and small-time newspaper copyeditor at Western Carolina University, and I worked at Duke University Press for a while. Eventually, a few transformational life changes led me to go back to school for a B.A. in Integrative Studies at Guilford College, followed by a master's degree in Transpersonal Counseling Psychology at Naropa University (with a concentration in Art Therapy and a big dose of mindfulness training).


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