Writing Tips for Your Therapy Website

Click the links below to learn more about effective website writing for your private practice.


Your Website is Not About You

Don't make the mistake of treating your therapy site like a resume. Instead, focus on the real mission of your site: easing the pain of prospective clients.


Beware the 10-Minute Therapy Site! Why You Should Avoid the Cookie-Cutter Route to a Private Practice Website

Ever caught yourself Googling “free therapy websites”? I hope you'll think twice before signing up for a quick and easy therapy site builder. Here's why.


Be a Human Being, Not a Credential

Why you should avoid a detailed list of your therapy credentials—and what to do instead to reassure (not confuse) prospective clients.


When You Need Help: How to Choose a Writer for Your Site

How can you know which freelance writer or copywriting agency is the one for you? This three-step process that will help you narrow down your options.

Looking for DIY copywriting tips?

If you'd like to write your therapy website on your own but want guidance about how to create website text that attracts your ideal client, take a look at Your DIY Therapy Website: 7 Key Copywriting Tips for Private Practice Therapists and Counselors.