Therapists:  Need a ghostwriter for your private practice website or blog? I offer a separate ghostwriting and blogging service for therapists as a subject matter expert in counseling and psychotherapy.

Editing and proofreading

Editing is a deep re-working of content that's already written by you. I'll flag problems with sentence structure, word use, and other substantial elements of your writing and suggest alternatives to improve reader comprehension.

Proofreading means correcting minor issues like misspellings and improper punctuation that make your writing look unprofessional.

How editing can transform your site:

  • Clarify your message with vibrant language that speaks to your customers' needs.
  • Break dense blocks of text into concise, readable chunks that engage readers.
  • Clean up typos and other errors that are invisible to you but off-putting to potential consumers of your product or service.

Rates are 4-6 cents per word for proofreading and 7-12 cents per word for editing. (The minimum fee for small jobs is $29.) Custom editing quotes will be calculated from the word count of your original document; the quoted rate will be based on my assessment of the level of editing needed. For ongoing editing of blog posts or a newsletter, we'll agree on a pay-as-you-go flat rate per piece. Once we set up our payment agreement for the initial project, you'll receive invoices via email notifications from PayPal.

In ghostwriting, I create unique written content for your site (blog posts, static pages, or stand-alone material such as ebooks or reports) based on topics you provide. Upon payment, you'll own the content and will be represented as its author. 

Ghostwriting is a collaborative process based on initial conversations with you to establish the “voice” and purpose of the content. The written material I create for you is carefully composed and proofread; however, if there's a mistake or something isn't quite right, the process includes up to two revisions.

Advantages of ghostwriting for your website:

  • Save time and money with an ongoing, reliable source of fresh blog content.
  • Target your ideal customer with on-page SEO that follows Google's current guidelines. (See the Frequently Asked Questions page to read about my approach to search engine optimization.)
  • Get a fresh perspective on ways to expand your site’s authority and attract more clients.
  • Upon receipt of payment, you will be the sole owner of the content I provide and it will not appear anywhere else.

Ghostwriting rates vary depending on your writing needs. All projects offer easy email-based invoicing via PayPal.

Blogging: A starter package of four 500-word blog posts appearing weekly costs $448. Biweekly or monthly blogging is also available by request. Each blog post will be one of a kind, shareable, and designed to heighten customer engagement (in addition to being Google-friendly). 

Web pages: Rates start at $0.04 per word when you provide a detailed outline of the content you envision for your site. A starting rate of $0.07 per word will apply if you only provide a topic and keywords.

Ebooks, reports, or white papers: Rates for this type of project will vary depending on the scope of your project. However, you can expect to spend $300+ for a brief report or $950+ for a standard-length ebook. Please email me for a custom quote.

All ghostwriting projects include one 30-minute Skype or phone call at no cost. This preliminary conversation helps me understand your needs in detail and capture your natural "voice."


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