How to write your own therapist website

If you’ve been thinking of writing your own website text for your private practice, you may have noticed that there is a lot of marketing and SEO advice out there… and most of it does not fit the needs of a therapy practice. Many copywriting experts will tell you that clients will only get in touch with you when you “push their pain points,” or that you have to create a sense of urgency and tell clients to “act now.”

I think they’re wrong.

Maybe they’re not wrong about customers in general. Maybe this is great advice for people who are selling a product, or for some kinds of service providers.

But therapy is different. Your prospective clients are already in pain. Effective therapist websites don’t intensify that pain in an attempt to make clients call faster; instead, the best therapy websites are the ones that acknowledge a client’s pain, give them a sense of what it’s like to experience your therapeutic presence, and trust them to take the next step when they are ready.

It’s that simple. Of course, it’s also complicated. How exactly do you convey all this with words on your website? What do you say that shows who you are and how you’re different from other therapists in your area?

And how do you find the time to write your own website from scratch? Isn’t there a template for this?

I’ve written a detailed guide for any therapist or counselor who wants tips on writing a private practice website themselves. 

Your DIY Therapy Website: 7 Key Copywriting Tips for Private Practice Therapists and Counselors is a great tool if you need:

  • A checklist for the essential components of an effective therapy website.

  • Advice on how to get over the hurdle of having to “sell yourself” to prospective clients.

  • An ethical approach to website writing that is tailored to psychotherapy (without any manipulative, fear-based marketing tactics).

  • A framework for how to stand out from competitors by showcasing your professional but authentic voice.

Your DIY Therapy Website is available on Amazon:

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