As a therapist, you understand that it takes a big leap of faith for prospective clients to reach out to you. They're feeling vulnerable and hoping someone out there is the perfect fit for their needs. An effective therapist website has to show potential clients immediately that you're the right person to trust with their struggles.

I'll bring the same warmth and insight to your therapy website that you bring to the therapeutic relationship.

The text on your website is a vital marketing tool, whether your site features a landing page or frequent blog posts. Your web copy has to do double duty: first, bringing in prospective clients from search engines with quality SEO (search engine optimization), and then persuading those potential clients to contact you for a consultation.

That's why I believe therapists should never rely on a one-size-fits-all prefabricated website or pay for a "library" of generic web content. To attract more clients who are the perfect fit for your private practice, it's essential for every word on your website to convey your unique therapeutic presence.

I help therapists reach their ideal clients through effective (and ethical) website copy. With my mixed background in professional writing and counseling psychology, I understand the special marketing needs of therapists and counselors.

Let's transform your website into an effective marketing tool that conveys the real you — allowing your expertise and personality to shine through. 

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Are your words working for you... or against you?

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