What it is, and what it isn't.

This blog is not:

  • Focused on my own poetry, although this process of interacting with the language of other poets informs what I write. (To see a sample of my work, see What the Sky Throws Down.)
  • Intended as poetry criticism or in any way academic, even if I do use the word "studying" below.

This blog is:

  • A record of my process in studying, taking pleasure in, and getting excited about other poets' work.
  • A notebook of sorts—a digital parallel universe of the poetry notes I keep by hand.
  • An attempt to curate language in my own small, individual, inconsistent but well-meaning sort of way.
  • An invitation to a long human conversation about the important work of making things.

The phrase "seed-hungry fields" is borrowed from Denise Levertov. It appeared in her collection Breathing the Water.