What does a ghostwriter do?


I write content in your voice for your blog, website, or marketing materials. The content I produce will closely follow your specifications and style guidelines.  Following payment in full, the content belongs entirely to you and you will be considered its author.

What are the benefits of using a ghostwriter?


Many business owners understand the value of rich, unique online content but don’t feel that they have the time or skills to create this type of content from scratch on their own. Using a ghostwriter for your website or other promotional materials means that you can rely on a steady source of high-quality content that is unique to your business. The content I create for you will never appear anywhere else, except where you choose to place it yourself.

Will I have to meet with you in person?


Not at all. Many projects can be completed entirely through email. I’m based in Greensboro, NC, and I’m certainly open to collaborating with Triad-area business owners, but most of my writing clients live in other regions of the United States.

Because the majority of my freelance writing time falls outside of typical business hours (and because differing time zones can make real-time conversations tricky to schedule), email is the primary way that clients communicate with me. Some ghostwriting clients find that a brief Skype meeting is helpful in the initial stages of defining project parameters.

If I hire you to write blog posts or a landing page for my website, will I own the content?

Yes, the content that you’ve paid for belongs exclusively to you. Copyright transfers to you on receipt of full payment, and you can use the content however you like. Note: I don’t recycle content found elsewhere on the Internet (that’s plagiarism, and it’s unethical). I also don’t recycle any of the unique content I’ve written for my clients. You get fresh, custom content for every project.

No worries—revisions are an expected part of the process when we are new to working together. That’s why two revisions are included in the quote for your project. Most new clients find that I’m able to get it exactly right with only one revision, thanks to my preliminary work in clarifying project parameters. With returning and ongoing clients, revisions are rarely needed.

What happens if I don’t like what you write? Do you charge extra for revisions?

Is your ghostwriting service confidential?

Yes, it's confidential. I don’t disclose client/project information or share my client list with anyone. (The former and current clients who provided testimonials for my editing and ghostwriting services gave me permission to use their names.)

For starters, every word of the Mindful Scrivener website is written by me, including the articles about best practices in creating private practice websites for therapists. You can also take a look at my other writing samples. But whether you’re hiring me as a ghostwriter or an editor, keep in mind that I aim to produce content that conveys your voice. My work will be compelling, easy to read, and grammatically correct, but the tone and language will be specifically based on your goals.

How do I know what your writing will be like? 

Nope. I personally do every bit of the work that my clients entrust to me. Your project will never be farmed out to anyone else. If my current workload doesn’t make it possible to complete a project on your proposed timeline, we’ll discuss an alternate timeline for completion or I’ll refer you to a colleague.

Is this an agency? Do you farm out work to other contractors?

I have provided ghostwriting and editing services to a variety of clients, including therapists in private practice, small business owners in the medical and dental fields, and entrepreneurs. The projects I’ve done for these clients include blog posts, website landing pages, white papers, articles, ebooks, email newsletters, and more.

What kinds of projects have you worked on?

What are your specialty areas?

I have a master’s degree in psychology and several years of clinical experience in counseling, so some clients hire me to produce content for their private practice therapy websites. I’m a subject matter expert in mental health, counseling / psychotherapy, child development, parenting, mindfulness, and self-help. Clients in other industries find that my psychology background allows me to write compelling copy that attracts the right kind of customer without coming across as pushy. I believe in relationship-based marketing where customer interaction is not viewed simply as transactional. If you are interested in attracting and keeping more of your ideal customers (and not primarily focused on the numbers game of increasing general traffic to your site), then we’ll probably be a good fit.

Yes, to a degree. I don’t do keyword research, but I’m able to support your existing SEO strategy by incorporating relevant keywords and synonymous phrases in natural-sounding ways. I work with clients who recognize the benefits of customized, relevant content for their online presence—not just in terms of SEO to attract potential customers to their websites, but to ensure that website visitors engage with compelling information that leads them to become loyal customers. I discourage clients from engaging in outdated “keyword stuffing” practices that are now being penalized by search engines.

Can you help me with SEO (search engine optimization)?

I’m not a graphic designer, but I am married to one, and we’ve worked together on several projects. For branding and logos, ebook design, white papers, or other marketing materials, I highly recommend Nicole Deyton, who values client relationships as highly as I do.

Can you also do design work for my project?

I don’t work on fiction or traditional book-length manuscripts (although I do proofread nonfiction ebooks under 15,000 words and can ghostwrite promotional materials, such as special reports). I also don’t do developmental editing, book indexing, or social media marketing. But I have colleagues who offer these services, and I can help you connect with them.

Do you handle fiction? Can you help me with my book?

Yes, I provide proofreading and editing services. Typically this involves editing blog posts or web copy for small business owners and solo entrepreneurs. (I offer special editing options for therapists in private practice.) I also proofread ebooks, white papers, and brief promotional materials. I don't edit traditional book-length manuscripts but can refer you to colleagues who do.

I would prefer to write my own content. Can you just edit what I write?

Yes, I have ongoing relationships with several clients for blog posts, updates to their business websites, and editing for their marketing materials. Some of my clients have used my services for years. They know that they can count on me to produce high-quality work with minimal direction. Click here to read testimonials from happy clients.

I need help with a long-term content strategy. Do you have ongoing clients?

I don’t charge an hourly rate, because every writing project is unique. For therapists who need website content or a blog, I offer several writing and editing packages. For other types of projects, I provide a custom per-project quote based on word count as well as the complexity of the project, the level of expertise and research needed to meet your project goals, and the amount of time required. For urgent deadlines, the project quote will include a rush surcharge. Please feel free to email me at editor@mindfulscrivener.com with details about your project needs. 

What is your hourly rate? How much does a ghostwriter cost? 

We’ll agree on pricing and a timeline before any work begins. I bill through PayPal, which allows you to pay using a Visa or MasterCard or with your own PayPal account. For more details, see the writing services page.

What are your payment terms?

First, take a look at the available writing packages to see if one might meet your needs. If not, feel free to email me at editor@mindfulscrivener.com with a description of your project needs and proposed timeline. I’ll reply as soon as I can (typically within 24 hours) with some clarifying questions, and I’ll begin work only after we’ve agreed on the specific scope of the work and made payment arrangements. There’s no commitment on your part simply by reaching out to begin a discussion about your project. If possible, it’s helpful to consider these factors ahead of time:

  • What type / format of content do you need?
  • What is the intended purpose of the content? How does it fit into your existing content strategy?
  • What do you want to communicate with this content?
  • How is this relevant to the needs of your clients / readers?

If you have existing content online (or in a Word document) that would help me see the big picture of your project needs, feel free to include that information as well. However, feel free to touch base regardless of where you are in the content strategy process—I’m happy to make a recommendation about next steps.

It sounds like we might be a good fit. How do I get started?